Thom Pfeil Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Socially Engaged, Mentally Centered, and Spiritually Alive Artwork


This website was designed and produced by Thom using Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.


Thom currently is not taking any new graphic design commissions.


Thom Pfeil MD LogoLogo Design: Thom Pfeil, M.D., M.Arch.

I designed this logo based on the Venus Pentagram, a diagram of the path the planet Venus takes in relationship to the earth. A pentagram was chosen to represent the five interconnecting aspects of the self: Mental, Social, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual.




Logo Design Logo Design: Mind-Body Center for Alternative Medicine and Massage




Photo Compositing (click to enlarge):

This image was composited from three different images: the background buildings, the bus, and the motorized hang-glider. Notice the shadow that was added for the hang-glider on the lower left building and the see-through window effect on the bus.




Brochure Samples (click to enlarge):


Neurofeedback front Neurofeedback back